MSU Master Gardener Program

Being a master gardener involves doing volunteer activities. It is much fun meeting new people, being with other gardeners and sharing information as there is always something to learn!

Mary T. Ratelle Hepp
Michigan State University Advanced Master Gardener

Livingston Co. Ext. Advanced Master Gardener Info & Project by Mary T.

Livingston Co. Ext. Master Gardener Articles by Mary T.

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Wild Walk Gardens LLC PO Box #2087, Howell MI. 48844

The Advanced Master Gardener program requires a major commitment. For my Advanced project, I was fortunate to take part in the 'birth' of

The Howell Public Schools - Voyager Elementary 'Kinder Garden'

This project started in August of 2005. Planting and maintaining the garden with the kindergarten gardners in Ms. A. Risner and Mrs. S. Deyo classes was much fun! Maintaining the garden after school let out in June of 2006 was important to insure that it would survive the hot summer. This project ended in September of 2006. Sincere appreciation to both teachers for this opportunity.

Designing with the teachers' vision, a mixed garden for seasonal interest was drawn. Choosing hardy plants for this was a challenge due to the teachers desiring the garden placement to be directly outside their classroom windows, under the roof eaves, thus limiting access to rain water.

The next phase of the project was the site prep which was accomplished with many wonderful volunteers. Grass and other growth had to be removed and soil enhancers added to our tough Livingston County clay!

Classroom discussion and seed starting was much fun! The children planted a mixed garden and also learned about bulbs, perennials and Michigan native plants.

Dark brown mulch was sparingly used in my original garden, with small white border fences - very pretty! This garden is on the west side of the school by the bus parking lot.

Pictures of the original garden during my project year to be posted soon - please check back!


Contributing writer - MSU Master Gardener Newsletter - Livingston County Extension.

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